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Part of our project in Bolivia involves the construction of water basins to secure the water supply in dry seasons and at the same time prevent… Read more
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Already in the second year after planting, the apple trees on the DAF plots hang full of fruit - This is what one of the women farmers we support in… Read more
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Our work in Bolivia is having an impact, as local farmers tell us. The benefits of using dynamic agroforestry are enormous. Read more
Kleinbauer steht vor Apfelbäumen in seiner Parzelle
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Sergio Almanza also manages his farmland with the support of Naturefund using the Dynamic Agroforestry method. Read more
Ein Bauer steht in seiner landwirtschaftlichen Parzelle und wird fotografiert
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Making agriculture more sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is the goal that drives Franz Davalos. Read more
Bolivianischer Landwirt steht auf seiner landwirtschaftlichen Anbaufläche
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Everything is growing and thriving, especially the fruit trees are getting bigger and bearing more and more fruit. Sergio Davalos reports about the… Read more
Eine landwirtschaftliche Parzelle erstreckt sich vor dem Panorama der Anden
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Noemi Stadler Kaulich told us how positively the conversion to dynamic agroforestry has affected nature and the lives of the people.   Read more
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In 2014, we started our reforestation project in Bolivia with the aim of protecting the last remnants of the primeval forest of the Andes. Read more
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Knowledge is power - this also applies to sustainable agriculture. That is why Naturefund has built a new assembly hall together with its partners in… Read more
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Naturefund, AGRECOL Andes and CETM are building simple water basins for smallholder families in Tunari National Park in the municipalities of Sacaba,… Read more

Reforestation in the Andesin Bolivia

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