Your donation for nature conservation

Naturefund buys land for nature and thus permanently protects habitats. Whether it's a wild bee field, orchard, forest or moor - we secure, preserve and restore intact ecosystems on our planet.

On site, our outdoor team or local nature conservation organisations take care of the implementation of the nature conservation measures. This ensures that nature can develop undisturbed in the purchased areas in the long term. Your donation directly benefits the protection of species and the conservation of biodiversity. With your donation we can, for example, set up new projects or maintain purchased meadows, forests and wetlands in the long term.

Help us to preserve natural paradises!


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The use of your donation for nature conservation

With your donation for nature and climate protection we can

  • set up new projects
  • accompany existing projects in the long term
  • maintain purchased meadows, forests and wetlands in the long term
  • obtain financial planning security
  • preserve natural paradises in the long term

Protect nature and climate in equal measure with a tree donation

With a tree donation, you can help us to protect forests from destruction and to replant new trees on already degraded former forest areas. It is important to know that forest protection is often only possible by improving living conditions and supporting the local population. Because of this, you always support local farming families at our project sites with a tree donation. Thanks to your donation for nature conservation, they can learn a more sustainable cultivation method that keeps the soil fertile in the long term and thus puts less pressure on remaining forests.

Deforestation is often carried out to obtain fertile soil for agricultural cultivation. By making a donation, you also contribute to climate protection by preserving carbon-saving forests and planting new trees. In Europe alone, over 100,000 trees have been planted since Naturefund was founded.

Help us to implement further nature conservation and climate protection measures!


Naturefund international awards

Among others with the Energy Globe Awards and the UN Decade of Biodiversity

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Transparent civil society

Naturefund follows the voluntary commitment of the "Initiative Transparente Zivilgesellschaft" (ITZ) and publishes important figures and data on charitable work and the use of subsidies. All information can be found on our page Transparency.

Auditors and tax office confirm integrity

Successful examination of Naturefund by auditors: The association uses the donations properly for nature conservation projects. Also, the tax office certifies Naturefund its charitable.

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