Katja's travel blog: New project ideas from Bolivia

Katja has only been on the road in Bolivia for a few days, but apart from walking on created areas, she is already scattering ideas again and it will continue...

Katja has been on the road in Cochabamba, Bolivia, for a few days now and she can report that our projects are developing very well. An artificial lagoon in La Phuia now supplies 64 families and their plots with water and the landscape is visibly changing. More and more areas are shining green out of the barren landscape and according to Katja's dreams there should be even more. There are a few steep slopes she has her eye on.

So far, we have converted a total of 92 families to dynamic agroforestry and planted a total of 15,000 trees. In addition to many fruit varieties, local, endemic species have been planted, helping the national park to blossom green again.

Higher productivity

For the smallholders, dynamic agrofrost also means increased productivity, which has a positive impact on their livelihoods. The evaluation of families from Sacaba has shown that after two years they achieve on average over 200% more yield on their land. This makes the method very attractive for many people, and at the same time, natural forest-like systems are created that provide plenty of habitat for many species.

Third project phase

In our third project phase we want to plant 5,000 new trees and give more smallholder families access to dynamic agroforestry. You can, of course, support us in this and thus move the project forward quickly.

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