Video report: Water basins for a safe water supply

Part of our project in Bolivia involves the construction of water basins to secure the water supply in dry seasons and at the same time prevent mudslides during the rainy seasons.

Our new video shows the construction and the benefits of one of these water basins, which was built thanks to the funding of Naturefund and the organisation of our partner organisation Agrecol Andes. With a capacity of 650,000 litres, the water basin shown in the video is the largest water basin that the farmers have built so far in the communities around Cochabamba! The water that is collected is used to irrigate the agroforestry areas in the surrounding area. 

Through teamwork, the basin shown in the video was built in only 12 days - a great success and a sign of what cooperation can achieve!

In order to be able to supply even more DAF plots with water, the construction of 10 more water basins is planned for this year - in addition to the 26 water basins already built.

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