Einrichtung einer Dynamischen Agroforst Parzelle in einem Naturschutzprojekt in Bolivien

Video report: Success through dynamic agroforestry

Our work in Bolivia is having an impact, as local farmers tell us. The benefits of using dynamic agroforestry are enormous.

In a video we show how a dynamic agroforestry plot is established in our project in Bolivia and what experiences farmers have had with the method.

Monocultural cultivation in Bolivia

Between Brazil and Argentina, influenced by the agricultural economies of the two countries, monoculture is still practised increasingly in Bolivia today. Bolivia's economy had its heyday mainly in times of mining. However, the decline in commodity prices and the development of exportable agriculture have led to a change in economic orientation - Bolivia has developed from a mineral exporting country to an agricultural exporting country.

This was accompanied by an increase in monoculture cultivation, which in addition to deforestation also had other disadvantages: the humus content of the soil decreased, and with it the soil fertility and the nutrients contained in the soil. Consequences that have hit and are still hitting the farmers in Bolivia particularly hard. A solution was needed that would both secure the farmers' income, maintain fertile soil in the long term and preserve nature at the same time: The Dynamic Agroforestry cultivation method. In our project, we use this with great success so far, as the farmers tell us in our video.

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