Bolivianischer Landwirt steht auf seiner landwirtschaftlichen Anbaufläche

Sergio Davalos on DAF - Smallholders share their experiences

Everything is growing and thriving, especially the fruit trees are getting bigger and bearing more and more fruit. Sergio Davalos reports about the advantages he has through Dynamic Agroforestry.

For the past 3 years, Sergio Davalos has been cultivating his farmland in the Dynamic Agroforestry style. For him, the innovative cultivation method offers advantages that make his agricultural work easier. The 40-year-old family man is particularly pleased that he no longer has to laboriously plow up his fields. Also, the now mature fruit and companion trees he planted in his field 3 years ago provide shade while he works, which is a pleasant way to cool down in the heat.

Sergio also says that harvesting is now much more pleasant for him, as he no longer has to work bent over. Instead, he can pick the apples from the trees standing up. Sergio is certain that "he works less and sweats less" since he established an agroforestry system on his field. Last but not least, he also achieves high yields with the cultivation method, which in turn generate a good income. The juicy apples he grows are rare in the local markets and therefore particularly popular.

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