Kleinbauer steht vor Apfelbäumen in seiner Parzelle

Sergio Almanza on DAF - Smallholders share their experiences

Sergio Almanza also manages his farmland with the support of Naturefund using the Dynamic Agroforestry method.

At first, he was skeptical about the cultivation method. But finally the improved water supply through the water basins built by Naturefund convinced him to give it a chance. Today he is happy about this, because with the water supply from the water basins he is less dependent on the dry season that prevails in the summer. This enables him to grow and irrigate crops all year round. Another advantage in the dry season is that the mulch used in the dynamic agroforestry and the strong root system can save water.

Since he has been cultivating his field using the dynamic agroforestry system, Sergio says that his quality of life has also improved: he is harvesting higher-quality fruit and thus receiving a better income. This in turn has an impact on his private life, as he has more time for his family. Another advantage is that his three children, who love apples, are now always provided for first-hand. 

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