Building an Assembly Hall for Dynamic Agroforestry - Sustainable Agriculture conquers Bolivia

The newly built assembly hall

Knowledge is power - this also applies to sustainable agriculture. That is why Naturefund has built a new assembly hall together with its partners in the Andes in Bolivia.

Hundreds of smallholder families have already been trained in Dynamic Agroforestry - with the new assembly hall as a place of learning and knowledge, Naturefund has now laid the foundation for the further spread of Dynamic Agroforestry.

Nature conservation and agriculture go hand in hand

In 2014, Naturefund started a reforestation project together with Bolivian smallholder families. The aim was to protect the last remnants of virgin forest and at the same time create fertile soil for people, animals and plants. Naturefund initially supported over 94 families to convert their land to Dynamic Agroforestry.

Dynamic Agroforestry is an innovative and promising farming method that reforests even barren land in a short time. The farmers can grow food on the fertile soil. After only two to three months, some of the families had twice as much yield as with traditional cultivation, while new forest was created at the same time.

Together with the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), Naturefund started the third project phase in autumn 2017. This time, Naturefund wants to support 180 families to switch to sustainable cultivation with dynamic agroforestry and plant 30,000 more trees in the process. We are also building water basins from local material to secure the water supply for numerous families.

The success speaks for itself

With the help of Naturefund and the Dynamic Agroforestry, 35516 trees have already been planted in Bolivia, saving around 15000 tonnes of CO2. In addition, the local small farmers benefit greatly from the methods of Dynamic Agroforestry. With the increased agricultural yields, their prosperity and quality of life increases. In addition, they strengthen and protect the local nature and environment. This way, their offspring can also live and work in a beautiful and diverse environment one day.

Urwald in den Andenin Bolivia

of 60,000

Bäume für Bolivien

Ihr Beitrag zur Wiederbewaldung der Anden in Bolivien.

Current projects

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