Blog from Bolivia 1: Travel preparations

Preparing my visit in various Skype conferences with the local partner and learning more about Bolivia.

Flight is booked

I am in the middle of the preparations. The flight is booked and the flight times are convenient. Take-off is early evening on Saturday 9 August, and according to the schedule I arrive in Cochabamba at 8.15 the next morning. There is an eight-hour time difference in between.

No matter, I fly to the Andes and visit our reforestation project. The books of my childhood and Karl May with the "Treasure of the Cordilleras" accompany me in my thoughts.

I am very excited and curious to see how dynamic agroforestry works in the highlands under very difficult conditions - hardly any rain, soil is stony and sandy, a lot of wind. The Mollesnejta research farm has been working with this method for almost 15 years and I want to see more.

Noemi Stadler-Kaulich has set up the research farm and for the first two days I will visit the different agroforestry plots with her. I have asked to be able to work practically as well, so that I can simply get to know and understand the method better.

Preparations at Naturefund

Before that, of course, there is still a lot to do so that my tasks at Naturefund can continue during the two weeks I am not there.

The team is wonderful again and somehow, next to all the diversity, the atmosphere is relaxed. We find enough time for lunch in any case and of course for the obligatory cake in the afternoon.

Food is very important to us. I wonder what that will be like in Bolivia?