Holistic tree projects against the disappearance of our forests

The forest plays a major role in climate protection, because trees bind an average of 500 kilograms of CO2 over their lifetime across all forest types. In addition, the forest soil also represents an immense CO2 reservoir. Forests also provide many ecosystem services, control and influence the climate in equal measure, provide habitat for a wide range of species and support the livelihoods of millions of people worldwide.

It is therefore extremely important to preserve forests in the long term and to rebuild destroyed forests at the same time. Reforestation alone can do little in this regard; rather, interlinked, holistic measures can serve as a solution. According to forestry scientists, three areas are particularly important to stop the worldwide decline of forests: The preservation of forests, for example through the designation of protected areas, the restoration of degraded areas, and the sustainable use and management of forests to enable forest-friendly living.

In Naturefund's reforestation projects, we use a method that combines all three of these approaches: Dynamic Agroforestry. According to the FAO's State of the Forests report, agroforestry in particular offers the possibility of sustainably reforesting degraded areas for both people and nature. Such productive and sustainable agrofood systems as Dynamic Agroforestry can thus be the key to meeting food needs while reducing demand for agricultural land and conserving forests. 

Become active in climate and nature protection and plant a tree with Naturefund! Below you will find a selection of our holistic reforestation and development projects.

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What is Dynamic agroforestry?