Holistic Planned Grazing

The holistic planned grazing: a sustainable concept based on natural ecosystems and cycles. The animals graze briefly as a herd with a high population in a spatially limited area. This is followed by a long period of rest for the grazing land. This form of grazing should serve to combine the aspects of climate protection, soil fertility and animal welfare.

The holistic planned grazing should improve the humus content in the soil and rebuild degraded soils - an important key for climate protection! Thanks to the special grazing technique, the stock of plants should also remain diverse and productive in dry areas. Because scientific studies show: Grass, which is only grazed by 30-40%, then doubles its root growth, which in turn leads to higher grass growth above ground. If grass is eaten away by more than 40 percent, it stops its root growth almost completely for up to 17 days. No root growth underground means no grass growth above the ground.

We are now testing to what extent it is possible to integrate our five-headed herd into the dynamic agroforestry cultivation system. If, as hoped, the humus content in the soil, the biodiversity and the yield for farmers increase, we have found a conclusive model for another way of agriculture.

Here you will find: The presentation of our herd of cows, more information on the method of holistic planned grazing as well as studies. Have fun!