Plant a tree for climate protection!

Planting trees against climate change

Forests are one of the largest ecosystems in the world. In Germany alone, forests grow on an area of 11.1 million hectares. That corresponds to about 32 percent of the land area. Worldwide, there are currently still about four billion hectares of forest, but this is decreasing day by day.

Active climate protection is needed to limit climate change. One way to protect the climate is to preserve intact forests and plant trees. Forests are true climate wonders. They not only provide us with oxygen, improve our air quality and give animal and plant species a home. They also protect our climate at the same time by contributing to long-term CO₂ storage. Trees bind an average of 500 kilograms of CO₂ across all forest types during their lifetime. In addition, the forest floor also represents an immense CO₂ store. Worldwide, several billion hectares of land that is currently not used or is considered desert could be reforested. With these restored ecosystems, further tonnes of CO₂ could be sequestered and thus climate change limited.

Why is it necessary to afforest? 

  • Reduction of soil erosion through wind protection, preservation of soil fertility.
  • Raising the groundwater level 
  • Restoration of biodiversity 
  • Reduction of desertification 
  • Prevention of floods 
  • Protection against avalanches 

Planting trees, preserving forests, stopping climate change

It is extremely important to preserve forests in the long term and to rebuild destroyed forests at the same time in order to combat climate change. According to forest scientists, there are three main areas that need to be addressed in order to stop the global decline of forests: The preservation of forests, for example through the designation of protected areas, the restoration of degraded areas, and the sustainable use and management of forests to enable forest-friendly living.

In Naturefund's reforestation projects, we use a method that combines all three of these approaches: Dynamic Agroforestry. This sustainable reforestation method for people and nature can be the key to meeting food needs while reducing demand for agricultural land and preserving forests. Naturefund not only reforests in its projects with this method, but at the same time actively works against climate change by protecting still intact forest ecosystems.

So what can you do against climate change? Become active in climate and nature protection and plant a tree with Naturefund!