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Become a supporting member of Naturefund and help us to preserve habitats for the diversity of species. For as little as €2.50 a month, you can support our work and give bees, bears or tree lemurs a safe home.

Protecting habitats for the diversity of species

Naturefund is a non-profit nature conservation organisation based in Wiesbaden. We work in Germany and around the world to preserve habitats for the diversity of animals and plants. In doing so, we buy meadows, forests and wetlands to permanently preserve natural paradises. For each project, we work closely with local partners.


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As a member you help us

  • establish new projects
  • accompany existing projects in the long term
  • to obtain financial planning security
  • give more weight to our demands on politics
  • One-time expenditure - long-term protection of nature
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As a supporting member, you help us to set up new projects, to protect them and to have staying power so that we can accompany the conservation projects in the long term. We could not do our work without the support of our members.

Already from 3,00 € per month

With just 2.50 € per month, you contribute to financial planning security so that we can continue to expand our projects and preserve natural paradises. You also lend more weight to our demands on politicians by supporting us with your vote as a member.

You can cancel your membership at any time by e-mail, post or telephone. Your membership fee is of course tax deductible.

2.50 € - that's one coffee or small beer less a month, but you are helping Naturefund to preserve habitats for the diversity of species. As a welcome gift you will receive a membership card and either a membership certificate or a set of postcards.