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· · Ho Avy
Together with Ho Avy, New Latitute and FIMPAHARA, Naturefund has begun a reforestation project in southwest Madagascar. In October 2009 the first tree nursery Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
In the wake of the Copenhagen climate conference, which ended without a clear mandate for global climate protection, the new book Global Sustainability - A Nobel Cause, published by Cambridge… Read more
· · Ho Avy
The Ho Avy project, based in southwest Madagascar, focuses on safeguarding biodiversity and people’s livelihoods for a sustainable future. 'Ho Avy' means 'future' in the Malagasy language Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
A clear, clean and most of all unspoilt river is difficult to find nowadays. However, with their rich riverbank vegetation and pristine floodplains, streams provide habitat for many different species. Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
The bank of the river Sinn is seamed by Black Alder, Crack Willow and a few Ash trees. Black Alder trees have become rare in Germany, because their habitat - natural river courses, meandering through… Read more
Biber schwimmt in klarem Wasser
· · Naturefund project detail
The beaver is the largest European rodent. It is the only animal creating its own habitat by building dams and lodges, holding the water. The beaver was extinct in Hesse since the 19th century until… Read more
· · Naturefund project info
The beaver, once extinct in Hesse, is slowly starting to spread out again. He transforms the landscape, creating new habitat for himself and numerous other species. Naturefund and the GNA bought and… Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
Orchards with high-stemmed, gnarled fruit trees, peppered with daisies, bellflowers, wild marjoram and many other kinds of plants used to be a widespread and integral part of our cultural landscape. Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
Butterflies are a common sight on the semi-dry grassland of the fruit orchard in Steeden. The orchard with forest, meadows and waterbodies nearby provides the diverse habitat many kinds of butterflies… Read more
· · Naturefund project detail
The eagle owl was almost entirely extinct in Central Europe due to persecution and the use of strong pesticides. Its population is slowly stabilising thanks to the reintroduction of eagle owls, bred… Read more

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