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Natural river courses

A clear, clean and most of all unspoilt river is difficult to find nowadays. However, with their rich riverbank vegetation and pristine floodplains, streams provide habitat for many different species.

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Natural river courses

Countless bird, amphibians and insects depend on the habitat provided by natural river courses. Where fish enjoy the fresh water and dragon flies chase each other above the water surface, are the rivers still intact. The natural water course of the river Sinn originates in Rhön. Its Bavarian name for the upper course is "Kleine Sinn" (small Sinn). Near Oberzell-Speicherz the Kleine Sinn crosses the border to Hesse and is called "Schmale Sinn" (narrow Sinn) from now on. The natural river dynamics In the progress of the riverundercut banks and slip-off slopes alternate. Sand- and gravel banks newly develop over and over. Brushwood, branches and tree trunks steer the river current and foster the accretion of sediments - the natural river dynamic in full swing. Ecologically, the so called "deadwood" in the stream is very valuable. For the fish it serves as food and spawning ground. For small crayfish, insects and their larvae and freshwater molluscs it is food and habitat in one. Join us and help us to buy more land for nature! To our current projectMore about the beaverMore about the riparian forest

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