The Introduction of Foreign Species

Photo: Pixabay

Each species is adapted to your environment. The respective predators and parasites are too. People have brought species into areas where they do not naturally occur. This can have far-reaching consequences, such as in Australia or Hawaii.

Endemic species don't know competition or enemies

Hawaii is at the first glimpse a paradise. Few people know that most of the species on this island are imported.

So many foreign flora and fauna have been introduced that most of the endemic plants and animals have became extinct. The few original plants and animals which survived the invasion retreated back to remote mountains areas. Originally, Hawaii had more than 100 bird species. Today, more than half is now extinct and the rest is endangered.

Missing predators - lack of natural balance

Australia, with its remote areas and unique plant and animal world, is another example of the consequences of the introduction of foreign species. Here there were dramatic repercussions as a result of the introduction of european rabbits. Without natural enemies or disease the number of rabbits rapidly expanded, until it reached a full population explosion.

They devour every blade of grass for miles around and cause famine for the indigenous animals. In the end they fall victim to the devastation they themselves have provoked and starve in their millions. Until the next wave of fastly multiplying rabbits comes.

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