Projects for nature conservation

The protection of nature is one of the most important tasks of our time. Because the state of our planet and our ecosystems is getting worse. It is becoming increasingly clear that we must act. The protection of nature has a key role to play and should concern each and every one of us. After all, ecosystems offer us inestimable benefits. They include a stable climate and clean air, the provision of water and food. They are home to valuable wildlife and important for our physical and mental health. The healthier our ecosystems, the healthier our planet and the healthier its inhabitants.

But currently, ecosystems all over the world are under massive threat. Forests are being cleared, rivers and lakes polluted, wetlands drained, coasts and oceans degraded and overfished, and farmland and grassland overexploited. But if we act now, the ecosystem functions of destroyed ecosystems can be regained with targeted renaturation measures and still intact ecosystems can be protected from further damage. However, the protection of nature can only be successful if everyone makes their contribution.

    Nature conservation is essential to maintain functioning ecosystems. This is exactly where Naturefund's work begins: We buy and protect important natural areas and ecosystems to protect them from human interference, for example through overexploitation or harmful land use. In the course of climate change, we are also increasingly planting trees. Both internationally and nationally, we are thus becoming active in nature conservation in cooperation with trustworthy partners and volunteers as well as numerous donors.

    The following points form the basis of Naturefund's nature conservation projects:

    • Protection of the settled flora
    • Protection of the local fauna
    • Protection of ecosystems
    • Working together with the local people
    • Reforesting areas in a long-term and sustainable way

    Let's work together to preserve the nature on our planet that is worth protecting!