Jungle in the Andes

In the south of Malawi, there are still small remnants of rainforest with the very rare bast palm. Endangered plant and animal species have also found a sanctuary here. However, Malawi is threatened by deforestation. Help us to reforest the rainforest and plant a tree for € 6!
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23. diciembre Give trees for Christmas

Action: A meaningful gift? Give your loved ones a lasting gift and plant a tree or buy land in their name.

Plant trees for our climate!

A tree stores about 500 kg of CO2 in its lifetime. Each new tree makes an active contribution to climate protection.

Become a climate protector and plant a tree with Naturefund!

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  • 90 €
    Bastpalme retten
  • 25 €
    Ingeburg W.,
    Blühende Wiesen
  • 12 €
    Save the rainforest
  • 80 €
    Blühende Wiesen
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Dietas más sanas y basadas en plantas podrían reducir las emisiones de la producción agrícola. Leer más
· · Potsdam-Institut für Klimafolgenforschung

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Hydro Pole Products

Pole Products offers sustainable aluminum solutions, with focus on responsibility and respect for the environment. You can see that - Pole Products has already planted 299 trees, bringing 149.5 tonnes of CO2 out of the atmosphere. Thank you! more

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24.11. Nächste Streuobstaktion

Wir vom Naturefund-Streuobstteam laden Sie herzlich zu unserer nächsten Streuobstaktion in Wiesbaden Sonnenberg am 24. November ein. Wir befreien die Bäume von Misteln und schneiden Äste zurück. Jede helfende Hand ist willkommen! more

Winter im Streuobst
Photo: Naturefund

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