The farmer from Ankorabe in Madagascar

For many, Madagascar is a distant place. We want to introduce you to the village of Ankorabe, from which many families work with us.

In the protected area Makirovana

The village of Ankorabe is located in the center of the protected area Makirovana. Once a mighty lowland rainforest of which vast areas no longer exist. The area is marked by cleared fields and the local people have to burn forest areas in order to build new land for harvesting crops in monocultures.

In order to curb the exploitation and deforestation of the rainforest, Makirovana decided to give the villages more responsibility for nature. Each village is responsible for the forest around it. Most of the village elders decide what is allowed and what is not. So everyone has to show his plans to wood or open up new fields and discuss them with the village. In the community, often better decisions are made in the long run.

The village of Ankorabe

In Makirovana is the village of Ankorabe. Agriculture is the livelihood of the villagers. As in surrounding villages, the standard of living is not comparable to ours in Europe. People live in simple huts and cook their food with wood.

The conventional cultivation of food is an increasing challenge for many. Constantly, new arable land must be tapped, expensive chemistry is needed to ensure the harvest and one-sided cultivation is accompanied by one-sided nutrition.

Dynamic agroforestry

For many, therefore, the natural cultivation method of dynamic agroforestry is a welcome alternative to the lived methods of the last decades. Trees, crops, shrubs, everything is combined in the field and reinforces each other.

The farmer Rasoazanay ran with her few land in a dead end. She was one of the first to decide to attend the MBG and Naturefund training courses and change her field to dynamic agroforestry. As a result, she can now grow various foods at once and be self-sufficient. Her awareness of the plants and the interplay of crops, trees and shrubs has been strengthened and she can discover much more in the dynamic agroforestry.

At the right moment

For Rasoazanay, the dynamic agroforestry has done a lot of good things, as she herself tells us: "I benefit from the dynamic agroforestry, which is a great opportunity for me because I do not have much land, but now I can plant all the plants together on my little one
Planting plots that others plant in their large plots. I've never seen this technique before, but it works, the plants grow well. Dynamic agroforestry is a new method that allows me to produce in a small space with a great variety of plants.

The most important thing is that I care for different plants in one place, it makes my work easier. Above all, I send my message to Naturefund: I hope to continue this project so that we can carry out the maintenance of the property and make the extension. I am just a poor peasant woman and must be supported and accompanied at every step in the dynamic agroforestry. I send my thanks for the support. "

Help us to train other families in Ankorabe and in the surrounding villages in the dynamic agroforestry and to create new, edible forests with them.

With each new tree you support the training in Makirovana

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