The Wisent-World-Wittgenstein is taking part!

Wisent-Welt-Wittgenstein and Naturfund have the common goal of permanently establishing the bison herd, which has been living freely in the Rothaargebirge since 2013, there.  The species protection project is intended to show that humans and large wild animals live together in a compatible manner and that wisents can also become indigenous again in a managed forest. Such integrative use of the areas in the sense of species conservation is in line with Naturefund's visions.

The species conservation project for the reintroduction of wild wisents in the Rothaargebirge is unique in Western Europe. In the course of its short history it has already undergone many expansions: the visitor area "Wisent-Wildnis am Rothaarsteig", the Wisent-Info-Exhibition, the gastronomy Wisent-Hütte and the nature experience centre "Wisent-Welt" for groups and especially school classes. In this way, the wisents have also become a positive brand ambassador and thus an important factor in regional marketing. 

Bernd Fuhrmann, first chairman of the wisent carrier association, says: "We are not only pleased about the financial support of Naturfund. We also want to create a strong joint network and address scientific questions about the positive aspects of the return of wisents".

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