FAPAS joins in!

The cooperation between FAPAS and Naturefund has one major goal: planting fruit trees and chestnut trees in order to preserve the last brown bears in the Cantabrian lands of northern Spain. About 30 years ago, the bears were close to extinction. Thanks to the intensive work of FAPAS, 200 animals are now living in the wild again.
FAPAS was founded by a group of friends, all from a small village in Asturias, northern Spain. Already 30 years ago they wanted to preserve the unique nature of their homeland. Today, more than 1,000 people support the conservation organization, which thus can work efficiently, independently and free of political influence.
Roberto Hartasánchez, one of the founders of FAPAS, says: "Every tree stands dumb on the earth, but its leaves receive the wind and thus the messages from the whole planet, nature is without borders."



Ctra. AS 228
33115 Tuñón, Asturias