Asociación Patuca joins in!

The Asociacion Patuca together with Naturefund will protect the Patuca National Park in Honduras and conserve it for the long-term. The joint aim is to stop deforestation and to replant already cleared areas.

The Asociacion Patuca is a nature conservation organisation from Honduras, who have been tasked with the management of the Patuca National Park. 

In 2007 the Asociacion Patuca won the 'Premio nacional del Ambiente 2007', the national environment award in Honduras in the organisations category. This award was presented to them by the secretary of state for natural resources and the environment. 

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Asociación Patuca

Colonia Villas del Río,
Bloque D, Casa 1510
Municipio del Distrito Central,
Honduras, C. A.
Tel.: +504 236 9910