Protect biodiversity through conservation projects!

We want to preserve natural ecosystems and return more diversity to cleared landscapes to protect and preserve species. Become active against species extinction and protect land for nature!

Below you will find a selection of our holistically designed land protection projects.

Biodiversity is the engine of our ecosystems. The more diverse ecosystems are, the more positively biodiversity can develop. Scientists from the Senckenberg Society for Nature Research and the University of Würzburg have been able to prove this.

But our biodiversity is in danger; species extinction is progressing at an unprecedented rate. According to a report by the World Biodiversity Council IPBES, for example, today's species extinction is up to 100 times more pronounced than the average over the past 10 million years. More than one million species are acutely threatened with extinction. This not only affects distant continents, but also more than 30 percent of the animal species native to Germany are threatened with extinction. The main causes of species extinction include changes in land use and the fragmentation and loss of habitats. For example, two-thirds of the entire land surface is used by humans for their own interests - not infrequently the consequences are overexploitation, slash-and-burn agriculture or species-poor industrial agriculture and forestry.

The protection of nature and biotopes is essential to stop this development and to maintain functional ecosystem and nature functions - also to counteract climate change. Regional protection measures, the transfer of endangered ecosystems to protected zones and their renaturation are significant here.