Your Garden as a Natural Paradise!

Is your lawn an unpleasant sight? Are your plants growing uninspired and dismally? With Dynamic Agroforestry, you can combine a variety of beautiful and delicious plants in your garden or even on your balcony, promoting insect/soil life and bringing life back into your space.

The 3 Simple Principles

The Dynamic Agroforestry is a further development of the successive agroforestry of Ernst Götsch. We have simply summarized the basic principles for you: Variety, Density and Cut. These 3 principles make your garden or balcony a paradise for plants and create a more nature-like and stable ecosystem.

Variety, Density, Cut - A Brief Overview

You'll need to plant a large varietyof plants. Diversity in every way. There needs to be a variety in the height of the plants, root depths, life expectancies and time of flowering. Deep-rooted plants encourage the passage of water to thirsty neighbors and large plants provide smaller plants with shadows. In order for this interaction to work, put the plants close to each other. If they overgrow each other, they can be "moderated", meaning "cut away to give more light and air to another plant."

More Information

In the following link, you will find more information, such as planting plans and examples. Let yourself be inspired and create your own Agroforest Garden today!

My Agroforest Garden