Actively protect nature

Intact nature and ecosystems are the basis of our life on Earth. They provide us with invaluable benefits such as a stable climate and clean air, the provision of water and food. Nature is also home to valuable animal and plant life and is also important for our physical and mental health. The healthier the world's ecosystems are, the healthier our planet is and the healthier its inhabitants are. Yet at present, nature is under massive threat all over the world: forests are being cleared, rivers and lakes polluted, wetlands and peat bogs drained, coasts and oceans degraded and overfished, mountain soils eroded and farmland and grassland overexploited. This worldwide overexploitation and destruction of ecosystems must be stopped in order to leave behind a planet worth living on for future generations. However, this can only succeed if everyone does their bit to protect nature.

Help us to protect nature

Become active in nature conservation now. There are many ways to protect our precious nature. Get involved, for example, by organising fundraising campaigns. Actively support a nature conservation organisation's renaturation project in your area. Clear parks, rivers, lakes, meadows or other natural areas of rubbish. Or sensitise the people around you - whether at work or in private - to the importance of nature, climate and species protection. Choosing what goes on your shopping list can also make a difference for nature conservation. For example, buy sustainable products from companies that give back to nature instead of harming it. Or put a plant-based meal on your menu once more often a week. Change your behaviour to reduce your local and global ecological footprint and encourage others around you to do the same. Together we can manage to preserve our wonderful nature!