Our letter to the members of the EU Parliament in 2021

The fact is: the current form of agricultural policy is neither sustainable nor climate-friendly.That is why Naturefund, together with various partners, has developed an alternative draft for the design of the common European agricultural policy.

With the following letter, we asked every German member of the EU Parliament for a statement on the alternative proposal for a more sustainable design of the European agricultural policy in the future.


Dear Ms / Mr ...

The consequences of the previously misguided European agricultural policy are becoming more and more noticeable: the increasing frequency of heat waves and floods, the decline in species or the pollution of groundwater only show a fraction of the negative effects. Politicians urgently need to initiate a change here!

As early as 2019 and 2020, we, the nature conservation organization Naturefund, organized participatory processes with EU citizens on the subject of "The Agriculture of Tomorrow" in order to develop proposals and approaches for a new European agricultural policy. Further events in Germany and others European countries are in preparation.

We have followed your commitment to the current reform of the common European agricultural policy with great interest and are sending you attached our proposal for a modern EU agricultural policy are for a more sustainable design of agricultural policy. We look forward to your answers, which we will publish on our website and on social media and discuss with our community.


We wrote to a total of 96 parliamentarians.

Of these, 6 responded.

The shape of the CAP for the coming funding period can be found here.

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