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Erste Pflanzen sprießen auf landwirtschaftlicher Anbaufläche in Malawi
· · Naturefund
The parallel use of the Nafagaz stove and the Dynamic Agroforestry cultivation method lead to closed cycles in our project in Malawi. The advantages: Nature is protected, biodiversity is promoted and… Read more
· · Naturefund
In 2021, we sent three Nafagaz stoves to Malawi so that local people can test how they work. A farmer from Malawi reports positive effects. Read more
Holzscheite brennen in Nahaufnahme
· · Naturefund
Switching to modern cooking fuels can improve the lives of women in the global South and protect the climate at the same time - that's what a study by researchers at the Potsdam Institute for Climate… Read more
· · Naturefund
This year, our project in Malawi is training five sheet metal workers in the manufacture of nafagaz stoves. You can find out exactly why this is important here. Read more
· · Naturefund
Robert Kamwendo, one of the participating farmers in our DAF project in Malawi, reports on his experiences in the second phase of the project. Read more
· · Naturefund
In the third phase of the project, we continue to support the families in applying the sustainable cultivation method of dynamic agroforestry. The aim now is to internalise the steps and principles to… Read more
· · Naturefund
The increased occurrence of extreme weather events due to climate change and the associated natural disasters primarily affect people in countries of the global south. Read more
Bunter Mais liegt auf einem Haufen
· · Naturefund
In the next 10 to 20 years, researchers expect serious crop losses for the world's most important food crops such as wheat and maize - decades earlier than previously thought. Read more
· · Naturefund
Switching to modern cooking fuels like gas or to electricity can improve the well-being of women in the global South, and eventually be connected to falling birth rates, a new study by researchers… Read more
Verschwommene Sonne bei Sonnenuntergang hinter einer Wiese
· · Naturefund
A recent report by the European Union's Copernicus climate change service shows: 2021 was one of the seven warmest years globally since weather records began. Read more

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