Dynamic Agroforestry seminar in Germany

In 2018 we will again offer the opportunity to learn the method of dynamic agroforestry in Germany. The seminar will take place from April 29 to May 5, 2018, in the eco-village Sieben Linden.

Edible forests

In our worldwide projects, the dynamic agroforestry has proven itself many times and gives small farmers in various regions more yield, less dependence and at the same time more space for nature.

The edible forests that emerge with dynamic agroforestry are not limited to foreign lands. The method is also used successfully in Europe and offers everyone the opportunity to cultivate a colorful variety in a small space and harvest regularly.

Seminar 2018 in the Ecovillage Sieben Linden

For all those who want to get to know the dynamic agroforestry intensively, there will be a training in Germany from Sunday, April 29th until Saturday, May 5th. Noemi Stadler-Kaulich, our expert from Bolivia, brings a week of theory and practice closer and gives many practical tips in cultivation with dynamic agroforestry.

The Ökodorf Sieben Linden is located near Salzwedel and is a very special community. In harmony with nature and largely self-contained, it is always a very nice experience for guests to spend some time in the village.

Further seminar planned in October

Between the 21st and 26th of October, there will be another seminar on the dynamic Agrofost in the Ecovillage. More details can be found in the coming days of the website.

The registration and further information about the seminar can be found on the website of the ecovillage:

Ecovillage Sieben Linden - Seminar DAF

If you want to learn more about the dynamic agroforestry, have a look here

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