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Pflanzung einer Dynamischen Agroforstreihe in Klein-Winternheim
Photo: Naturefund

Naturefund has been successfully using the dynamic agroforestry cultivation method in international projects since 2011 and is continuously developing it further. This is also the case on our experimental field in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim, where we have been testing the innovative cultivation method since 2016.

Actions to participate in dynamic agroforestry

With the support of the Deutsche Postcode Lottery, we started a participatory campaign on Dynamic Agroforestry in the year 2020: From July to September, interested people could get an insight into the innovative cultivation method every Friday afternoon from 3 to 6 pm on our field in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim. The aim of the whole thing was to strengthen community cooperation and to convey the importance of doing things together for understanding DAF.

After all, DAF is about contact, not control: the natural mechanisms of plants as well as nature are to be supported in their work, not controlled. The aim of the hands-on activities in the DAF is to convey this approach, i.e. to be in contact with nature and to support it in its work, to interested people in a practical way.

We were not the only ones who were enthusiastic about the lively participation and the commitment of the participants. Their conclusions were also positive throughout:

  • "Learning more about plants together in a community and dealing with them individually has made people curious for more." - Jonas Rohleder
  • "We are happy to support Naturefund. Environmental protection is everybody's business! And it's fun to get actively involved." - Daniela Leß
  • "We were surprised how densely you can plant. DAF also significantly reduces the amount of maintenance required. Dynamic Agroforestry changes the way we look at the classic monocultures to which our eyes have become accustomed. One begins to question things. With this new, practical knowledge, we go back to our own gardens motivated." - Rebecca Thiel

Continuation of the participatory action

In 2022, we are again planning participatory events from May to September. Interested people can expect a large selection of plants and all kinds of interesting facts about the dynamic agroforestry. Discovering and identifying plants and berries or planting sticks, for example for table grapes and maple trees, is also part of it. As soon as the planning gets into the hot phase, you will find out more via our newsletter and here on the website.

Our big thanks go to the Deutsche Postcode Lottery, which supports the campaign as a sponsor!

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