Blick in den Regenwald

United forces to protect rainforest in Costa Rica

The Fundacion Universidad de Golfito is a Costa Rica-based non-profit organization with which Naturefund has been working since 2012. By joining forces, we want to realize our vision of a green climate bridge between two important national parks in Costa Rica.

For nine years now, Fundacion Universidad de Golfito has been our local partner in the ambitious project of building a green bridge between Amistad and Corcovado National Parks. As published in various journals, scientists and scholars recognized decades ago that connecting the two national parks could make an important contribution to species exchange and conservation. Therefore, in 2002, a group of scientists from Golfito, a subsidiary site of the Universitary of Costa Rica, founded the Fundacion Universidad de Golfito, now called ProSur.

With its headquarters in Golfito, ProSur is ideally located between the two national parks Amistad and Corcovado. From here, the foundation pursues its mission: to protect natural resources, advance research, promote higher education and contribute to solving the country's national problems For example, ProSur offers training in various areas, supports the formation of civil society organizations and the teaching of the country's universities. As part of its support for the needs of society, the foundation developed a program to develop environmental awareness among elementary school children and to improve science education in high schools in the southern zone of Costa Rica. 

The heart of the Foundation is the management of the Golfito Field Station, a 300-hectare research station in the lower zone of the Amistosa Biological Corridor, where national and international primary research is conducted. These research projects have repeatedly taken scientists and researchers into the rainforest remnants of this corridor, where the Foundation has acquired smaller and larger areas. Together with Naturefund, ProSur is pursuing the goal of creating a green climate bridge in this area, connecting the Amistad and Corcovado National Parks. This is to be achieved through the protection of the remaining rainforest and through reforestation. Help us with this vision!

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