'Unsere Erde' - Our Earth takes part!

"I got to know about Naturefund while on a train journey. There was an article introducing the organisation in a journal. I immediately liked what I read, and contacted Katja Wiese. I could easily imagine my foundation supporting their reforestation, and habitat preservation programmes.

Unsere Erde – Stiftung für Naturschutz, Tierwelt und Umweltbildung“ - Our Earth: Foundation for Nature Preservation, Wildlife and Environmental Education, has three goals: 1. Save habitats for nature, 2. Preservation of biodiversity, with special consideration for endangered species, and 3. Environmental education, especially with children and young people, in order to promote a sensibility of the preservation of 'creation'.

'Willing is not enough, we must do. (Goethe)'"

Dr. Ina Claus, a theologian, is the founder and CEO of the Foundation.

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Stiftung „Unser Erde – Stiftung für Naturschutz, Tierwelt und Umweltbildung“

Dr. Ina Claus
Autal 76
55299 Nackenheim
Tel.: +49 6135 950 581