The Künstlerhaus Thüringen joins in!

The Künstlerhaus Thüringen is committed to more biodiversity and landscape aesthetics in the Thuringian Basin.

In the 1580s, the Protestant country pastor and garden designer Johann Peschel laid out an opulent ornamental garden next to the Renaissance castle in Kannawurf. The Künstlerhaus Thüringen has been using the castle grounds since 2007 and has replanted the garden until 2020. Bumblebees, wild bees and butterflies now cavort there. We members of the association, however, had a guilty conscience about putting such a gem in the species-poor large field economy. Since 2016, the association has been working for more nature in the agricultural landscape and has been trying to convince the farmers and citizens of the surrounding communities of this idea. Not an easy undertaking, as it has turned out, but one that there is no way around.

In 2018, together with Landwirtschaftbetriebsgesellschaft Kannawurf mbH and Naturefund, we planted a 12-hectare flowering meadow and held a series of environmental education seminars. In 2020 and 2021, Künstlerhaus Thüringen planted 1,600 trees in the Unstrut floodplain and agricultural landscape, including as future nesting trees for the red kite. We are currently planning an agroforestry project - and that should only be the beginning.

We think it is important that more nature conservation is incorporated into agriculture and that areas for species protection are also made available in the large fields. We are committed to this with talks on the garden fence, artistic interventions, environmental education programmes, strengthening the neighbourhood and practical environmental protection projects.

Joint project:

Wild Meadow in Thuringia

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