Naturstiftung David joins in!

As part of a first joint project, Naturefund and Naturstiftung David purchased an old beech forest in Northern Thuringia in 2013 in order to safeguard it for nature. This was promptly followed by a second project to protect some adjacent upland area. 

Naturstiftung David was founded in 1998 by BUND Thueringen (Friends of the Earth Thuringia). It implements projects to protect the environment and climate. The foundation's largest and most important project is its large-scale Hohe Schrecke nature conservation project. In cooperation with many other partners, the so-called "Jungle of Tomorrow" is to emerge on an area of land measuring over 2,000 hectares.

"Being a small foundation, we're not yet that well-known in Germany. That is why we're very happy to have found a partner such as Naturefund, with whom we can purchase land together. We complement one another perfectly: Naturefund brings to the table professional fundraising management; Naturstiftung David ensures long-term quality in local conservation measures," explains Adrian Johst, Managing Director of Naturstiftung David.

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