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Missouri Botanical Garden (MBG) and Naturefund share the belief that the survival of biodiversity depends on carefully planned and implemented conservation measures. Thus, we not only support reserves but help to restore the natural capital in the wider landscapes in which the reserves are located. We work with impoverished people who are relying on non-sustainable and marginally productive agriculture for their livelihoods providing them with improved access to knowledge and key resources.

MBG, the oldest continually operating botanical garden in the United States, supports locally based programs in more than a dozen countries. The largest of these, built over three decades, is in Madagascar, where MBG’s program has historically focused on research, botanical exploration, and capacity building. Our staff is increasingly concerned about the extinction of a significant part of the country’s unusually rich and largely endemic flora: 13-14,000 species, 90% occurring nowhere else! Currently we are working at eleven such sites, which span an array of vegetation types and each support an exceptionally rich flora with many locally endemic species.

Jeannie Rahrimampionona, Coordinator of MBG-Madagascar’s Conservation Unit, “win-win scenarios must be found for both biodiversity and people."

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