Society for Nature Conservation and Flood Plain Development (GNA)

The GNA works together with Naturefund because we want to preserve and develop habitat for plant communities and animals in the wild.

Above all the GNA restores water areas to their natural state; from flowing waters, rivers, streams and springs, the source of any given river. Springs are a particularly special habitat with highly specific fauna and flora. The GNA plans and organises nature conservation and restoration projects for local authorities as well as for businesses. In one of the largest projects of Hesse the GNA has organised and implemented the transformation of 17 hectares of 'Langenselbolder Ruhlsees' in a natural lake with habitat structures for a variety of species.

Gunter Könitzer, 1. Chairperson of the GNA, states that: "Informed by our experience, we always come once again to the conclusion that only through purchasing land is it possible to efficiently pursue the protection of nature and of the species. That is also the opinion and aspiration of Naturefund and thus we are very happy to collaborate with them."

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Gesellschaft für Naturschutz und Auenentwicklung e. V.

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