Naturefund works together with the BUND, the Federation for Environment and Nature Conservation Germany,  for the protection of nature. In November 2006 we started our first joint project and bought a wetland in the Eifel together with the BUND Rhineland-Palatinate. Numerous other projects followed, including reforestation projects in the Eifel and currently the protection of the orchard meadows in Wiesbaden.

Numerous rare species have a safe habitat through our conservation projects. In the wetlands of the Sahrbach valley lives the Common Frog, Red-backed Shrike and Kingfisher. First and foremost is the jumping frog, which occurs in Germany only in a few locations. Its individual distribution islands are far apart.

We are currently working closely together with the BUND Wiesbaden on the preservation of the unique orchard landscape. Over 40,000 fruit trees grow here, including many old and rare varieties. Numerous threatened species occur, including the wryneck and
one of the largest little owl populations in Hesse.

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BUND Wiesbaden

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