Asociación Civil Armonía joins in!

ARMONIA works together with Naturefund, as both organisations share the same respect for nature and because both are aware of just how vital the conservation of habitats is for the survival of the variety of the species. That's why Naturefund and ARMONIA buy and protect land in Bolivia, to create a conservation area for the rare Red-fronted Macaw.

ARMONIA is a nature conservation organisation, whose main aim is to protect birds and their habitats in Bolivia. The work of ARMONIA is based on scientific knowledge and active involvement in the local area, whereby local culture and knowledge are being integrated in each project. ARMONIA is the bolivian partner of BirdLife International and has eleven bird protection projects in Bolivia.

"For the Red-fronted Macaw the preservation of its food sources and above all the preservation of the rare highland temperate forest is essential for its survival. In 2009, the Red-fronted Macaw was classed by the Bolivian government as particularly worthy of protection. We really hope that that helps us in terms of our protection endeavours" says Iván Pérez Hurtado, Project Co-ordinator for ARMONIA.


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