Apollo e. V. joins in!

Naturefund and the entomological association Apollo e .V.are working together to preserve the "Reifenberger meadows" in the Taunus.

In the Reifenberger meadows, in Schmitten-Oberreifenberg, there is a unique variety of butterflies.Just a few kilometers away from Frankfurt's city center, 36 species of butterflies live, such as the swallowtail, the great fritillary, the Schiller butterfly and many other gems of our native butterfly world.Here exists a special refuge and occurrence for the endangered Lilagold-Feuerfalter, whose existence
absolutely must be protected and preserved.With the help of Apollo, Naturefund has acquired a part of the unique meadows in the Hochtaunus in order to guarantee an insect-appropriate biotope management for the conservation of biodiversity.

Alfred Westenberger from the Apollo association: "We want to help ensure that future generations can also participate in the colorful butterfly diversity of the Reifenberger Wiesen."

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