AGRECOL Andes joins in!

The AGRECOL-Andes Foundation cooperates with Naturefund because we both have the same dream: "Where the forests in the Cochabamba mountains in Bolivia were cut down, forests can emerge again that not only provide food with a high diversity but also mitigate the effects of climate change and desertification, thereby helping to generate a better income for the rural population of mountain communities".

The AGRECOL-Andean Foundation was founded in 2001 in Bolivia, with the aim that "families in rural areas and indigenous communities can achieve environmental, social and economic sustainability in food safety and security".

I am Rubén Maldonado, Managing Director of the AGRECOL Andean Foundation in Bolivia and I support the dissemination of dynamic agroforestry systems. This project in the Cochabamba region is a task that appeals to me because it is an alternative for families to improve revenue and bring greater diversity to the diet of the people of the area while preventing the Tunari National Park from being destroyed.

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