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The preservation of nature is crucial for the future of all people. That's why every year the employees take part in the action week "Wiesbaden Engagiert!" and cultivate neglected orchards. This preserves an important habitat for wild bees, rare butterflies and many other native species. This day in nature has convinced the Wiesbaden insurance office so much that they have taken over a sponsorship for two orchards in Wiesbaden.

The Wiesbaden insurance office is a national and international specialiced insurance for certified public accountants, accountants and tax consultants. Due to their high risk, these occupational groups have a legal obligation to take out professional indemnity insurance. It has been offered by the Wiesbaden insurance office for more than 75 years as the only specialiced insurance exclusively focused on this area.

Mr. Schröder, head of the insurance office: "The employees of the insurance office Wiesbaden are proud to be involved in the preservation of the valuable biotope of the orchard meadows. In addition, we were able to gain experience with and in nature, which we will carry back into our daily work and our families. "

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