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· · Martina Petru, Ho Avy, Madagaskar

This year’s wet season has started with ample amount of rain already in early December followed by a heavy storm system moving in now - early January.

When the rain begins to fall

The spiny forest… Read more
· · World Agroforestry Centre, Nairobi

The International Year of Forests is an opportunity to highlight the global importance of agroforestry and the impact that trees on farms can have on livelihoods and the effects of climate change.


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· · IPCC Patrick Eickemeier, TSU, WG III

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is facilitating the further development of socioeconomic scenarios, portraits of possible social and economic…

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· · Naturefund
Naturefund buys land for nature in order to protect the great variety of species on our planet. Why not join us and save a piece of land yourself? Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
The current national emissions-reduction pledges accompanying the Copenhagen Accord will not limit global warming to two degrees Celsius. In fact, they imply a global mean temperature increase of more… Read more
· · KEEP
Naturefund started with the local nature conservation organisation KEEP a tree enrichment initiative around Kakamega Tropical Rain Forest. The report for the first phase January to March 2010 Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
Tapping renewable energy sources, capturing and storing of industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and improving energy efficiency are pivotal for holding Read more
· · Ho Avy
Together with Ho Avy, New Latitute and FIMPAHARA, Naturefund has begun a reforestation project in southwest Madagascar. In October 2009 the first tree nursery Read more
· · Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research
In the wake of the Copenhagen climate conference, which ended without a clear mandate for global climate protection, the new book Global Sustainability - A Nobel Cause, published by Cambridge… Read more
· · Ho Avy
The Ho Avy project, based in southwest Madagascar, focuses on safeguarding biodiversity and people’s livelihoods for a sustainable future. 'Ho Avy' means 'future' in the Malagasy language Read more

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