· Martina Petru, Ho Avy, Madagaskar

Madagaskar, December 2010

This year’s wet season has started with ample amount of rain already in early December followed by a heavy storm system moving in now - early January.

When the rain begins to fall

The spiny forest has dressed up in green foliage and colorful flowers almost a month earlier than last year. We’ve been celebrating these rain events as well as the New Year. 2011 The International Year of Forests, in Ranobe by tree planting, of course. Over hundred trees were planted during short time windows after the rains. Thoroughinventories were due sorting seedlings in existing nurseries and organizing seeds for new nurseries. The village youth has come by and helped with the preparations:
potting soil, moving trees from nursery for planting and watering. Shortly Ho Avy is off back to Ranobe for serious planting in these exciting rainy times.

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