CO2-Fußabdruck berechnen mit dem CO2-Rechner von Naturefund

Wie wohnen wir? Was essen wir? Wie bewegen wir uns im Alltag fort? Wie fahren wir in den Urlaub? All diese Faktoren haben tagtäglich Einfluss auf unsere Umwelt, Natur und das Klima. Berechnen Sie mit dem CO2-Rechner von Naturefund ganz einfach Ihren individuellen CO2-Fußabdruck und erfahren Sie, welche CO2-Emissionen durch Ihre persönliche Lebensweise entstehen. Im CO2-Rechner wird Ihr CO2-Fußabdruck innerhalb verschiedener Bereiche Ihres Lebens von der Mobilität über das Wohnen bis hin zur Nahrung betrachtet. Dafür einfach die Felder der Teilbereiche Auto, Flugzeug, Wohnen und Nahrung ausfüllen. Dabei wird Ihre persönliche CO2-Bilanz berechnet und die Anzahl an Bäumen angezeigt, die Sie zum Ausgleich Ihrer ausgestoßenen CO2-Emissionen pflanzen müssten. Natürlich können Sie auch nur einzelne Teilbereiche des CO2-Rechners ausfüllen.

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Calculate your carbon footprint with Naturefund's CO2 calculator

How do we live? What do we eat? How do we get around in everyday life? How do we go on holiday? All these factors have a daily impact on our environment, nature and the climate. Use Naturefund's CO2 calculator to easily calculate your individual CO2 footprint and find out what CO2 emissions are caused by your personal lifestyle. The CO2 calculator looks at your CO2 footprint within different areas of your life, from mobility to living to food. Simply fill in the fields for the sub-areas car, plane, living and food. Your personal carbon footprint will be calculated and the number of trees you would have to plant to compensate for your CO2 emissions will be displayed. Of course, you can also fill in only individual sections of the CO2 calculator.

In Germany, the annual CO2 footprint is on average 7.7 tonnes of CO2e per person. However, in order to limit global warming to as little as possible below 1.5 degrees compared to pre-industrial levels, we should not emit more than 1.5 tonnes per person per year. With the CO2 calculator you can quickly and easily see in which areas you cause large amounts of CO2 and in which areas there is room for manoeuvre and thus potential for savings. For example, next time you go shopping, make sure to buy regional and seasonal products or take the bus or bicycle instead of driving.

The Naturefund CO2 calculator uses data from various national and international institutions to calculate CO2 emissions. Find out more about the exact basis for the calculation here.

CO2 Calculator: Offset your CO2 footprint by planting trees

If you wish, you can offset your CO2 footprint directly by planting trees through a donation after the calculation with the CO2 calculator. The tree donations go directly to our nature conservation and reforestation project in Costa Rica. Overall, we calculate with an average value of 500 kg CO2, which a tree stores during its entire lifetime. The data of the United Nation Framework for Climate Change Convention (UNFCCC) was used as the basis for the calculations of the CO2 absorption of trees. Alternatively, you can make a donation without compensation and support us in our daily work. 

Trees absorb CO2 in very different ways depending on the tree species, light intensity, latitude, vegetation period, soil conditions and much more. While in Central Europe a deciduous tree absorbs an average of 10 kg of CO2 per year, this value is much higher in the tropics, partly due to the higher light intensity and the faster growth of the trees there. Naturefund is currently reforesting at various locations. 

These include tropical rainforest in Madagascar, various forest species in the highlands of Bolivia and trees on farmland in Germany.