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CO2 concentration increased rapidly

Sad record increase over the last 3 years, also because the Earth's forests have neutralized less CO2.

Dramatic results

The World Weather Organization announces dramatic results. The greenhouse gas concentration in the atmosphere has increased rapidly over the past three years.

As high as last 3 million years ago

The fact that humans are responsible for the high concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is undisputed. Now other factors, such as the weather phenomenon El Niño, have resulted in forests absorbing only reduced amounts of CO2.

If the increase continues at this rate and humanity does not step up its actions in climate protection, so threatened, according to WMO, severe oil and economic disturbances.
Forests as a key to success

But the current situation also shows how important the role of ecosystems and forests is in the fight against climate change. Humans should not only look after the reduction of climate-damaging gases. Forests and other ecosystems need to be actively protected and strengthened.

It is time to act. Join in!

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