Our Vision

Naturefund buys land for nature in order to protect the great variety of species. With climate change in mind, Naturefund buys forests in order to replant and replenish.

Protecting habitat worldwide

Naturefund is a nature conservation organisation, whose aim is to buy land for nature and protect habitat for the great variety of species. Over just a few years Naturefund has already purchased meadows, forests, wetlands and a lake. We would like to buy more and go further!

With climate change in mind, Naturefund buys forests and replenishes them. Currently Naturefund is planting trees in the Tunari National Park in Bolivia and in Madagascar. At the same time more than 100,000 trees were planted in Europe.

Buying land to protect habitat

The destruction of habitat causes a great deal of damage to a whole host of species. Buying land is one of the most secure and also often one of the quickest ways of protecting an area of nature.

Through the buying of land as well as the co-operation with local partners we are able to ensure that nature can develop undisturbed for the foreseeable future.

3.5 million square kilometres for nature

Naturefund's big vision is to buy and protect 3.5 million square kilometres worldwide for nature. That is an area equal to 10 times the size of Germany, or 6 times the size of France or even 1 times the size of India, that Naturefund would like to protect for the great variety of species.

With an eye also on climate change, the conservation and network of habitats is vital for the survival of a number of species.

Join us

Join us and support us in our work! With just 2.50 euros per month you could sponsor Naturefund to go further.

You can begin sponsoring Naturefund by applying online or by post. At any time you may cancel your support informally by email, post or by picking up the telephone. You can of course also choose to make your donations tax-free.

2.50 euros is one coffee or a small beer less and you will be contributing to the protection of habitat for the great variety of species.

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