1. Does Naturefund have a goal, a vision?

Naturefund's vision is to buy and protect 3.5 million square kilometres worldwide for nature. That is an area equal to 10 times the size of Germany, or 6 times the size of France or even 1 times the size of India, that Naturefund would like to protect for the great variety of species.

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2. How does Naturefund use the donations it receives?

80 percent of your donation will be used directly to buy and protect land for nature, as well as for measures to restore land to its natural state. The remaining 20 percent will be used to encourage more people to join us in supporting current projects, Naturefund's work in general and the organisation of future projects. If the amount of donations received should exceed the amount that has been agreed upon the project, the surplus sum will be transfered to Naturefund's land purchase funds in order to finance further conservation projects.

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3. Will I receive a receipt for my donation?

Yes, for all donations of 30 euros or more a receipt will automatically be sent at the beginning of the following year, detailing all of the donations made to us throughout the previous year.

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4. What obligations do I enter into with a sponsorship?

You do not enter into any obligations whatsoever with a sponsorship. You will be saving land for nature or helping with measures to restore nature to its natural state. Our local partner organisations will normally be the owners and the caretakers of the land. Every two months we will inform you by email of developments in your particular sponsorship project or of new Naturefund conservation projects.

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5. According to which criteria are partners chosen?

Naturefund's partner organisations are registered nature conservation or development organisations. The goal of these organisations is to protect nature and they are in the position to manage the purchased land in the long-term.

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6. Can I support Naturefund directly?

You can support Naturefund directly with 2.50 euros or more per month. With this you will be supporting Naturefund's work of protecting habitat worldwide for the great variety of the species. Every six to eight weeks we will send you information by email about our current projects, news from the natural world and the latest developments from Naturefund.  

As a supporter of Naturefund you will receive a supporter's certificate for which you can choose the theme or optionally you can choose to receive six postcards. You can of course, also make this contribution tax-deductible.

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