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Bericht aus Kenia (in Englisch)

In Kenya, the Naturefund together with KEEP and TREIN, wants to establish a protective ring of trees around the last rainforest of Kenya, the Kakamega forest. The project is located in a densely populated region. Learn more about the current report Sep. 2010.

Executive Summary October 2010

TREIN is an abbreviated word from Tree Enrichment Initiative. A program that was started with the noble aim of conserving our dear environment with special attention to Kakamega Tropical Rain Forest. A forest that is unique in the sense that it is currently an endangered habitat for over 400 plant species, over 357 bird species out of which two are globally threatened, i.e. Turner’s Eremomela and Chapin’s flycatcher according to IBA Program Nature Kenya. 7 species of primates exist in this forest with special attention to a rare one called De Brazza monkey. Over 380 butterfly species have been recorded here making it a home to more than half of what is found in the whole country. This forest is therefore a home to a reasonable range of biodiversity that needs to be conserved.

Join hands with other conservation agencies

TREIN join hands with other conservation agencies around the forest like KWS, KFS, NMK, BIOTA among others. TREIN has initiated a participatory conservation approach and therefore is working with the local community schools to plant more indigenous trees outside the protected area so that some of the products that the local community may be in need of can be readily found outside protected areas. These include products like fuel wood, fruits, vegetables, posts, poles, timber, and charcoal, among others. We have therefore established woodlots in three primary schools and one secondary school where we have planted indigenous trees of 20 by 20 meters. The school pupils and students do take intensive care of the seedlings which are almost getting to become saplings. The school management of the four schools is very active and supportive in this programme.

Workforce of 20 members

TREIN is proud of a workforce of 20 members who work on voluntary basis and are also ready and willing to financially support the programme whenever needs arise. In total, TREIN has reorganized itself with 4 main working departments in order to ease management issues. These are: 1. Education and awareness department.
2. Personnel and Administration department.
3. Finance and business department.
4. Welfare and public relations department. All the departments are headed by a departmental head and report to the management on monthly basis.

3rd phase from July to September 2010

So far, 3rd phase has been quite successful only that some events did not take place as planned due to matters beyond our control and hence these events were pushed forward to be accomplished in the next phase. In the 3rd phase we had a total of two main workshops , one for the teachers and the other one for all the pupils and students. The one for teachers, we had a total of 26 participants while the other one we had a total of 93 participants. We also had an exchange program where the schools mentioned. The reforestation in Kenya is supported by the Naturefund Forest Network. Naturefund Forest NetworkNaturefund Wald NetzwerkLearn more about the project (English)Learn more about the project (Deutsch)

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