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Franz Davalos on DAF - Smallholders share their experiences

Making agriculture more sustainable and environmentally friendly. That is the goal that drives Franz Davalos.

Ever since he was a little boy, Franz Davalos has been very interested in plants and that is exactly why he attended a school for traditional agriculture. When Naturefund offered him support in converting his fields to Dynamic Agrofort, he was immediately interested. He has now been tending his Dynamic Agroforestry plots for two and a half years, studying and observing. He notes which plants harmonize well with each other and sketches ideas on how to further develop and optimize the planting system. He also likes to experiment with exotic plants that he wants to cultivate in his plot.

The centerpiece of his plot is a very old, rare tree that is now protected from logging thanks to the protected farmland. At 32, he is particularly proud of the fact that Dynamic Agroforestry allows him to practice a more sustainable and resource-efficient form of cultivation. And he is constantly exchanging ideas with other smallholders about this. He has noticed that the younger generations in particular are opening up to new forms of cultivation and recognizing the advantages of near-natural systems. Franz Davalos is motivated to continue to positively encourage the youth here. Together with Naturefund, he believes in and works on new concepts for sustainable agriculture.

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