Support orchards as a private person

Orchard meadows are declining more and more, although the preservation of this biotope is enormously important. Today we show how you as a private person can contribute to the preservation of orchards.

Support associations

There are various ways for private individuals to contribute to the preservation of orchards. The simplest and quickest option is to donate to associations that are committed to the preservation of orchard meadows. Naturefund is not the only organisation working hard to preserve the orchards. Often, local orchard and gardening associations also try to support and maintain the trees in the orchards and their biodiversity. To preserve the trees, among other things, dead wood is cut out of the trees and mistletoe is removed from the trees. In addition, the meadows are mown and bushes are removed to protect the meadows from becoming overgrown.

Consuming fruit

Consuming products made from fruit from meadow orchards also helps to preserve them. These are often available from farmers in the vicinity, but organic or unpackaged shops also often stock products from nearby meadow orchards. 

Planting orchards yourself

The last, albeit largest, option is to buy or lease your own meadow orchard. Perhaps you already have a suitable meadow in your own property and can turn it into a meadow orchard by planting scattered fruit trees. It is helpful to get advice on the planting and design of the meadow orchard, as you need to pay attention to various points such as the distance between the trees and the type of tree. Here, too, the places mentioned above are good places to start.

Preserve orchards in the long term now