Reforestation of the rainforests

Deforestation is not only accompanied by the problem of erosion. Without the shade of trees, Madagascar's soils are defenceless against the sun's rays. They dry out and lose reserves of water and minerals. 

Therefore, in addition to establishing tree nurseries, reforestation of the rainforests is a major pillar of our project in Ankafobe. Here we concentrate especially on the remaining forest remnants, which are reforested at the edges. Especially in these areas there are still a lot of mycorrhiza in the soil. Mycorrhiza is a form of symbiosis between fungi and plants in which the fungus is in contact with the root system of the plant. As a result, a particularly large amount of nutrients can be exchanged and the soil is considered to be particularly fertile.

Use of the given
This is exactly where we start, because the parts of rainforest that still exist have these soils interspersed with mycorrhiza. In order to reforest successfully, we plant the new trees at the forest edge of these existing rainforests. This allows the old plants to interact with the new plants and strengthen and support each other. The chances of survival of the newly planted trees increase significantly, especially in stressful times such as drought. 

Successes in recent years
But it is not only in Ankafobe that we are reforesting and supporting farmers. Since 2015, we have also been active in Madagascar and have already achieved breathtaking successes. We were able to achieve our first goal of planting 25,000 trees thanks to more than 2,000 donors so far. With your help, we want to reach this goal in Ankafobe as well. 

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